Monday, October 18, 2010


so todays we hadda come to class as a super hero, wells. I wasnt gonna at first but thens my gigi gave me a super cool av and told me about who I ams. I'm phoenix. And my powers are that i has telepathic powers.. this means i can use my minds for stuffs. and i can project my thoughts and mentally stun apponents and innitiate astral travels.. i dunno what that means but its cool! i can also levitates and move objects with my mind and other peoples. i can create shields and flyy and make heat and make things blow ups.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Why?

I dunno reallys if bein either optimistics or pessimistic is bads, but I think I lean more to bein optimistic. I believe anythins is possible and I think fairytales really exist.. They just takes time to find. I do has some pessimistic times but i enjoy bein optimistic. Its fun to have that happy feelin with you all the times.. I dont likes when my happy thoughts are let downs. It upsets me alot when I am really happy and think things will be goods but then I get my hopes up..

Monday, October 11, 2010

What do I want to be for halloween and why?

Well, I dunno what I wanna be for halloween really yet. I bought lotsa costumes and have parties to go to for it.. I'm thinkin of bein Madeline but I'm not sure. I know for the halloween party I might be a banana. But I change my minds alot.. I loves playin dressup though. Its fun to be different things and wear pretty costumes and stuffs. I was lil red ridin hood already.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Animal Will I Choose To Study And Why?

For studyins I would like to learn about a giraffe. Giraffes are cute and doofy lookin. They also have super long necks and are very pretty. I would like to learns how they can keep their head ups without gettin super tired. Sometimes when I had a long day my neck gets really tireds.. But they are my fav animal out of the kingdom next to pandas, and they are ones I dunno much abouts and would love to learn. Plus they are the spokespeoples for toys r us

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why did I choose Oceanside?

Okies, so I wasn't here for the blog so its why I'm writin it late.. I chose Oceanside thoughs cause I found Little Wonders one day and thought it looked like a really cool place to lives, and then I found the school. The neighborhood looked kinda dead at the time except for a girl who drove a funny big peoples car into someones house (that made it all awesomes here! *giggles*). One day when shoppins i ran into Kennah and saw she went theres and we started talkins. I felt super happy but then I missed registrations, so when it came ups again I waited for hours! and I met lotsa other peoples and I've been happier ever sinces!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when you were frieghtened, what happened?

I dont always gets scared.. its not that normal a thing for me.. But this once time when I was frieghtened, I was standin alones in my house and no one was theres. All of the sudden i thought i saw somethin. I thought i saw a guy show up infronts of me. But there wasnt any guys or monsters.. I was just seein second lifes bein broked! I starteds to laugh so hard cause it was silly to be afraids of nothin!

Monday, September 27, 2010

How I Feel About Halloweens.

Halloweens to me is a fun time wheres you can has fun with your friends and family. In the olden days it was a times to remember your ancestors that aren't heres no more, but now a days we dress up in costumes and go door to door and looks for candy. The holiday is usually seen as a dark holiday but costumes can be very bright colored and stuffs. Its mostly fun but the bad kids go out and have fights by throwin' eggs all over the place.. It looks like fun but I was told if I dids that or with shavin cream I'd be punished..

Most peoples like to be scareds on halloween and theres a BIG parade they have in NYC where lots of people dress up and have fun! its like one big party and kids are even there too sometimes. The costumes and the floats are all very funs and use up lots of imagination

I can't waits for Halloween this years.. I wanna gets lotsa candy.. :D